Wrapping up our summer 2023 on a high note

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High Five, Verve's annual conference, took center stage at TNW Amsterdam rooftop.

An afternoon dedicated to celebrating design and branding excellence, packed with insights about what's hot and what's not in the digital world.

Five of High Five's best moments

We kicked things off with Niek, a MSCHF designer, sharing his five favorite MSCHF projects. Ranging from a quirky mortality lottery to toy versions of iconic failed start-ups, Niek’s list reminded us of the fun we all had as kids when we didn’t take ourselves too seriously but took our ideals too seriously.

And where Niek triggered our playful inner child, Eveline awakened our inquisitive one. Lead Brand Strategist at Verve, she proved her point that asking why repeatedly can lead you to your most groundbreaking ideas. Or, as she calls it, aha moments.

Next up to steal the show: Mathias, unveiling the secrets of companies that understand their why and connect it to their brand and product. From Miro to Figma and Notion, this Marketing Expert and Writer broke the code: It’s all about blending, bridging, living, nurturing, and winning.

With all this creative and strategic thinking, one important piece was still missing: How do brands like these come up with a name? Margot from Globrands took us on a 360 journey into the art of naming and how it transforms a brand when done right.

Last but certainly not least, we wrapped up with YONK, the dynamic duo behind VR sculptures featured in Sprite, It's Nice That, and Nike. They invited us into their animation process, from puppetry to slow motion and everything in between, leaving our minds thoroughly blown.

What's the driving force behind High Five? 

We love sharing — especially when it's about knowledge. We sense waves of changes and are always keen to hold space for topics that are worth the spotlight. And as a united front, we challenge the future by gazing into its very essence, ever so eager to unwrap tomorrow's next big thing.