Wrap up your summer on a high note: High Five 2023 awaits

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High Five, Verve's annual conference, is just around the corner. And for this fifth edition, we're welcoming a very special partner: The Next Web.

Amsterdam, hands up

We've lined up five speakers who've navigated the high road, and they're all set to share their top five secrets for thriving in the digital world. Hold onto your seat for keynotes that draw you in, immersive concepts you can practically touch, and a wealth of raw talent that promises to leave an impact.

Beyond the brain fuel, you'll have a chance to connect with like-minded creatives. Think DJ, clinking glasses, and goodies. This is your chance to hang out, swap stories, and share your own five — whether it's lessons, victories, or those hidden gems you've been safeguarding.

Will we meet you there? 

Mark your calendars and join us on September 21st from 15:00 - 18:00. High Five will take place at the vibrant heart of Amsterdam, hosted by none other than Verve and The Next Web. 

This event is invite-only, but your enthusiasm might just secure you a spot. Want to be there? Click here to sign up, and we'll let you know if that invite is coming your way.

A big high five to our collaborators & partners 

Famed for its tech news website and exceptional conferences, The Next Web (TNW) is teaming up with us to bring High Five to life. We're happy to call United Playgrounds and Globrands our partners.

What's the driving force behind High Five? 

We love sharing — especially when it's about knowledge. We sense waves of changes and are always keen to hold space for topics that are worth the spotlight. And as a united front, we challenge the future by gazing into its very essence, ever so eager to unwrap tomorrow's next big thing.