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At Verve, we’re passionate about turning good brands into great ones. You know, the kind that spark conversations, that people are superfans of on social media, and other brands try to emulate. We believe that tomorrow’s change making companies need to be ‘Living Brands’ in order to survive. We empower them to become just that: Brands that live, breathe and interact with their audience, while staying true to their ideals.

Technically, we see Living Brands as flexible, scalable platforms that move fast and adapt to user needs in real time. Objectively, it’s about the step your company needs to take to become its best version. And we dare even say: to survive in this world of rapid developments in tech. 

This means having the building blocks of your brand in order, such as brand strategy, name, logo and visual identity. But also powerful brand implementations, intended to brand your marketing services.



Our clear vision will identify the timeless, compelling story to drive your brand forward. It will be the foundation of a personality that people in- and outside your company will want to make part of their lives.

Go to Strategy


By combining razor-sharp strategy with digital wizardry we produce brand identities that are clear, outspoken, and digital: design that will make people not only remember your brand, but love it.

Go to Design


There’s no point having a stunning website if it’s so slow that nobody uses it. We balance creative ambition with technical expertise to create digital platforms that generate positive user experiences.

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We’re not a ‘Full Service Agency’, but we do offer a full stack of branding services

Essentially, a Full-Service Agency covers every aspect of your digital marketing needs. If you’re looking for outstanding creative execution based on tailor-made strategic insights, we’ve got you covered. If you are leading a fast-growing innovative tech startup that is eager to make real change. Then don’t look further. 

We fully-serve your need to create a bold, outspoken and digital brand that stands out in a sea of sameness. Strong branding your marketing services is not just a nice to have, but a crucial business asset. 

Yegor Korobeynikov (Miro)

We decided to go for Verve, because we were looking for a branding agency that could move just as fast as we do

A process tailor-made for ambitious fast-growing companies 

Don’t believe us? Ask our clients. The companies we work with love us for our process: decisive, professional and quick. They value our approach: that branding for tech companies should be treated as a product. This means merging client and agency teams into one uber-focused, collaborative crew. Doing weekly, or even daily check-ins to get the ball rolling fast. We bank on the latest insights to learn on the go.

Our lean approach goes hand-in-hand with the storytelling side of branding. We believe this aspect is essential for tech brands, they are often challenged to make their high-tech innovations, low-key digestible and impactful. That’s why we help strengthen companies by digging deep until we find their true nature and help them to put their best foot forward by putting their brand values and vision into words. Our clients find that these brand stories are “‘part and parcel of everything they do”. The brand stories bring focus into marketing efforts: from Tone of Voice and Messaging Frameworks, to targeting the right audience and creating a consistent look and feel throughout campaigns. The only way to build a community and turn fans into brand ambassadors is by involving them in your bold brand vision.

A team that knows business (and means it too!)

We have a multi-disciplinary team that's been working together for years. We've worked with some of the world’s fastest growing brands in categories from Fortune 500’s to SaaS, from B2B to Financial services and from Fintech to MarTech and Cultural institutions. If you're a brand looking to grow fast and attract great people, we're the place.

We’re also the team that took home the title of European Agency of the Year at the European Design Awards. Twice. 

Brand positioning

How is your brand perceived in your audience’s minds? What are the first words or visions that pop into their brains when your brand is mentioned? Positioning is a great starting point to begin  the journey to a new Brand Strategy. Besides looking into the minds of your audience, and formulating their needs and preferences, positioning is also about planting your flag in the playing field your company operates in. 

Positioning is about deciding how you want to differentiate your brand. In which way you want your brand to be distinctive

Brand naming or renaming

Living brands are adaptable to their changing surroundings. This can ultimately mean also changing your brand name. For instance, renaming to make your brand better suited to venture into new markets. Or it could simply be that you outgrew your current brand name. 

We do naming in-house, so we can move fast. But we also work closely with the world’s leading branding agencies: Globrands, Reed Words and A hundred Monkey's. What the best solution is for your company depends on your specific challenges. The experienced naming agencies we work with of course, take care of all necessary legal checks. 

Our experience in brand naming allows us to quickly assess which process will help you best. Some successful naming trajectories in which we where involved:

Living brands are leaders, who walk the talk, all day, every day.

Putting your branding into words

Let’s be honest. You already have personality. You are running an innovative, change-making company that’s out-competing the rest. All you need to do is put it into words. Words that ignite action, inspire and connect. That’s why we always start by defining your brand story. This all starts with us listening to you, and listening very well. Whether you know it or not, you already have a point of view on the world, a reason for doing what you do. And we know how to ask the right questions to uncover that story. 

Our way of working involves merging your industry knowledge and our branding expertise into one dedicated team that knows exactly what you need, and has the power to deliver it. 

Which of our digital branding services will ignite your marketing?

So what does it take to become a Living Brand? For starters, it touches upon all aspects of brand development. To properly grow and nurture your (digital) brand you need to take a broad range of perspectives into account. 

Creating your visual brand identity

A strong verbal identity sparks the imagination of our creative team. When it's their turn, they will turn words into moodboards into potential brands worlds, and from there we start creating a visual identity in multiple directions. This visual alignment is a crucial aspect of your digital branding strategy. 

It’s the step your company needs to take to become the best version of itself.

Your visual identity is the first thing your audience sees. They will remember it long after their interaction with your brand. Our team of expert Designers and Brand Strategists will work with you to create a unique and memorable visual brand identity that reflects your brand values and resonates with your target audience. We'll develop a comprehensive brand guideline that includes your logo, typography, color palette, and any other necessary assets, ensuring that your brand is consistent across all platforms and channels.

Building your digital presence

In today's digital age, it's essential to have a strong digital presence. Our digital branding services include developing and implementing a comprehensive digital strategy that includes website design and development, social media marketing tools, content creation, event branding, brand videos, and a host of other collaterals you might need. 

Ready to create a Living Brand together?

It might sound straightforward (and we’ll make it as easy as possible) but living brands require commitment. To your values. To your users. To extending it to all your touchpoints, digital and offline. Living brands are leaders, who walk the talk, all day, every day. That needs focus - and our tools will sharpen your vision. The good news is that if you’re willing to go all in, your users will make your living brand a part of their feed, their home and their lives. Are you in?

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