Vruchtvlees to Verve: An international digital design agency

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As of today, Dutch digital design agency Vruchtvlees rebrands into Verve, with a new name and proposition. The rebranding is the next step for the agency behind Miro and Dutch Design Week and paves the way for international growth.

Roman Stikkelorum (co-founder and CEO of Verve): “With ever-growing ambitions and an increasing focus on international clients, it was time for our agency to evolve. Verve, our new brand, marks those developments and reflects our culture. In Dutch, ‘doing things with verve’’ means to do something enthusiastically and with great talent. Not to mention, the new name is a lot easier to pronounce for people overseas.’

The whole identity of the agency is reimagined to capture the new mission statement: building living brands.

Stikkelorum explains: “In this digital age, we see a brand in a dozen different ways before we even notice it. To survive as a brand, you need to be able to stand out and adapt. Verve challenges brands to think beyond the logo and to invest in a multi-dimensional brand system. A living, breathing brand that’s built from the core – flexible enough to quickly adapt to consumers’ ever-changing needs. Our new identity and sharpened vision now fully reflect that mission.”

Verve challenges brands to think beyond the logo and to invest in a multi-dimensional brand system.

This flexible approach is part and parcel of Verve's own working methods too. 

Stikkelorum: “We take a holistic approach and work on brands from a design, development and marketing perspective. Digital is in our DNA. This way, we can ensure an agile branding process – whether that’s locally or remote. And we’re proud to say the awards we’ve won over the past years prove our strategy works.”

With big brands such as Miro, ANP and KRO-NCRV already under its belt, Verve plans to continue collaborating with clients that share the same ambitious mindset. Brands that are ready to scale up and evolve in order to stay relevant.

Stikkelorum: “With more and bigger requests we keep challenging ourselves. This means our team is continuously growing and expanding – we’ve already welcomed 9 new talented employees in the last year. As a team, we look forward to continuing supporting brands to make a real-life impact and helping them realize their potential. ‘With Verve’, of course.”

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We are Verve. Designers, developers and strategists who transform good brands into great ones. We create living brands: flexible, scalable platforms that empower companies to become the best version of themselves: ones that people love and drive growth.

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