We won 3 European Design Awards

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Out of more than 1500 applications, from the best digital agencies in Europe, we received 3 awards for our work for Ancienne Belgique, Clevertech and Dutch Design Week. Three projects where we used digital wizardry to produce digital-first brand identities that are clear and outspoken. This is what we did:

A visual soundscape

Case: Ancienne Belgique
Category: Branding Motion Logo
Award: Bronze 

Music is unpredictable and moves in variable volume frequencies. Sometimes the volume is low and the result quiet, sometimes it’s louder and rougher. We were looking for a way to bring these experiences alive, way before you enter the physical building. In the visual language of Ancienne Belgique, Belgium’s biggest music venue, this is represented by a pulsating movement emanating from the refined logo. Combined with eight different colours and three types of sound waves the brand system represents every specific dynamic. 

Tech at the speed of ideas

Case: Clevertech
Category: Promotional site
Award: Bronze

High tech consultancy Clevertech needed another approach and invited Verve to develop a new narrative and digital identity. The new brand system blends the beauty of human thought with the power of logic and technology, with one tiny particle leading the visual way: the neuron. It’s the building block for an interactive visual language that seamlessly conveys Clevertech's brand promise: tech at the speed of ideas. 

Making every week Dutch Design Week

Case: DDW
Category: Digital Identity applications
Award: Silver

Grounded in a partnership of four years, we continually build new features and components for all digital touchpoints of DDW. The result is a dynamic platform based on a concept we call Design Time. Shifting and changing over the year, the website always presents the most useful content at the right moment. With cross-platform integrations and custom-made algorithms we opt for the most innovative brand experience. Last year COVID-19 added a bonus challenge to the mix. In just two weeks, we went from hybrid to fully digital event. By mimicking a sensory, physical design festival, we developed an online environment that is equally exciting. 

About EDA ‘To celebrate European Design’ 

The European Design Awards are a collaboration between fifteen European design magazines, including Dutch Designers Magazine (DUDE), a publication of BNO. The jury consists of a group of publishers, journalists, editors and academics.

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