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For the unicorns of tomorrow

With 210k+ users at 34k+ companies, employer branding tool The Org offers transparency like never before, while bringing forward what companies are really made of: their people.

A $20M Series B funding by Tiger Global Management, Founders Fund, and Sequoia Capital, opened the door to becoming the most transparent work platform helping a new wave of organizations attract top talent.

Becoming number one

Public resumes are business as usual, so why aren’t public org charts? The Org offers transparency and brings forward what companies are really made of: their people. Amongst the obvious social benefits, users struggled to understand the what’s in it for me. Job seekers need to feel the intangible benefits and how they fit into a future team.

Verve paddled the waves of social and cultural trends to find this sweet spot: increased demand for transparency in business, public pressure to walk the talk on diversity and inclusion, and a growing need to position employer brands around company culture rather than Macbooks and hoodies. We felt the need to showcase the importance of transparency in a world full of Trumps.

Rob Cummings, Global Employer Branding Specialist at DoiT

The Org reminds me of LinkedIn, but with an extra personal touch: showing how you like to work and what your hobbies are. It helps candidates and new hires understand their managers and peers better.

Lean cooperation between client and agency

Briefed on creating a brand that would last for 50 years, we researched user journeys without forgetting the small steps and identified a one-year and five-year strategic focus. Because huge growth starts with small steps. Amongst infinite product-market-fit possibilities, the most beneficial target audience was waiting for us: people at hyper-growth startups responsible for building 5-star teams.

The war on talent is real. Even whilst recession is lurking. Special skills are scarce and fought for. The strange thing is: in this high demand low offer talent market, there still is no go-to platform that offers candidates a candid insight into companies seeking talent. So our job was clear. Design The Org as the trustworthy authority it is, and make org charts the new standard.

Branding an authority to be

Verve created a brand that’s fast and digital. One with a go big or go home attitude. We turned The Org into an effective employer branding tool with a narrative that allows flexibility and a visual system that can stand the test of time. A brand that’s as subtle and indispensable as the New York City subway signage. Elegant, trustworthy, clear, and supportive. 

All through a design system that can be subtle and facilitating, creating a platform for companies to shine. But can also be bold and attention-grabbing, using colorful visuals and bold type. Providing the brand with an editorial style reminiscent of the top news outlets we know. 

Serving as tomorrow’s employer branding platform, The Org is an outspoken entity to trust and engage with. A companion that guides and facilitates any startup to hire more effectively. 

Michael Melia, Head of Marketing at The Org

Working with Verve was a process of self-discovery. They were able to untangle our many ideas while keeping us passionate and building a truly cohesive brand.

The Org

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Illustrations by Idris van Heffen

This employer branding tool helps you attract top talent through transparent org charts while putting your people and culture front and center. With 210k+ users at 34k+ companies, The Org offers transparency and brings forward what companies are really made of: their people. A $20M Series B by Tiger Global Management, Founders Fund, and Sequoia Capital provided a window for growth. Verve served as a strategic partner, narrowed down its target audience, and branded the platform that will help unicorns win the battle for talent.