Fashion On Demand

Textielmuseum Tilburg, Fashion On Demand

Development, Campaign

Together with the Dutch Textile Museum and product designer Bert-Jan Pot, Verve developed an immersive brand identity, campaign and software application that makes fashion on demand a reality.

Everyone's a designer

In the Textile Museum’s Research & Development lab world-class designers like Viktor & Rolf and Scholten & Baijings create their most innovative textiles. Verve was asked to create the customer journey for The Design Studio, a new part of the museum where every visitor can become a designer. 

Creativity weaves the identity together

Most people have no idea about the production processes of fashion and textiles, as they take place in factories on the other side of the world. With Design Studio, Textile Museum steps away from ‘buy and throw away’ culture and focuses on zero waste, personalization, and well-sourced materials.

It’s a philosophy that resonates with the museum’s target audience: a design-minded and highly fashionable crowd looking for new ways to express themselves. To appeal to this group we created an identity with creativity at its heart. Digitally-rendered fabrics and layered compositions mimic a designer’s workplace and the creation of ideas.

Even before the official launch Design Studio was featured in Vogue, ELLE, Numéro and many other renowned fashion magazines and blogs.

Femke Vos, Head of Marketing TextielMuseum

"You can feel the excitement in the room when your sock pops out of the spectacular machine."

Stitching software to the machine

Dutch Designer Bert-Jan Pot provided the design guidelines of the sock and scarves. Both have a basic design, it’s the interaction of colors that make it unique. How these colors are combined is up to the user. To ensure Pot’s vision is brought to life, TextielMuseum needed a software solution that connects the users’ wishes towards the innovative knitting machine. There's no default API, so we created a digital bitmap image that translates the patterns and color picks in a language the knitting machine understands.

#Sockselfies: designing the museum experience

The DesignStudio is divided into three spaces reflecting the three phases of a creative process: inspiration, design and production. When you find the perfect match of colors and wrap up your design, the application sends your designs directly to the knitting machine. The Willy Wonka Machine is set to work and starts knitting your creation from recycled fibres on the spot.

When the socks/scarves are done, the specially designed #sockselfie carpet invites you to share your creations with the world. Just as the TextielMuseum we believe that if you do it yourself, you understand the production process better. The end-to-end solution ties all the knots of the Design Studio together.

Picture Perfect

Photography plays a big part in bringing the vision of Design Studio to life. Everyone can become a maker - and makers work in a messy playground. In this coordinated chaos you’ll find inspiration and the perfect creation of your choice. Together with photographer Marie Wanders, we ensured that the models are just as colourful as the future of fashion. Design Studio itself serves as the backdrop for the campaign photography. Even before the official launch Design Studio was featured in Vogue, ELLE, Numéro and many other fashion magazines and blogs.

Textielmuseum Tilburg
Customer Journey Mapping Visual Identity Campaign Art Direction Development

Photography: Marie Wanders

We created a customer journey for visitors to the Textile Museum, making it more accessible to a  larger group of users. This encompassed every touchpoint from software for a knitting machine, visual identity, art direction for photography, spatial design within the museum, to an app and promotional campaign - all working together to make fashion on demand a reality.