Miro, Scaling up from big to world domination

UX/UI, Brand Identity, Strategy

Jumping from 2.5 to 50 million users.

RealtimeBoard was a popular online collaboration tool looking to scale up under its new name, Miro. It wanted a visual identity to reflect its new focus on providing a revolutionary platform for the people and brands setting the international creative agenda. We were asked to design the new brand identity and strategic guidelines for Miro. Awarded with two European Design Awards.

All together now

Miro’s strength is getting teams on the same page to make the next big thing together. So we created a visual language that captures the joy of mutual understanding and focuses on bringing teams together, whether they are in the same room or on the other side of the world.

We gave the SaaS-tool a human touch with four ‘collaborative’ characters that visualise the different challenges of teamwork. Together they form a playful combination of colours, illustrations and typefaces that transcends language and cultural barriers.

Characters with a story to tell

The characters on their own are cheerful and dynamic. They can be used to tell a story, convey feelings or amplify meaning. The characters can also be used as vibrant patterns to easily brand billboards, posters or landing pages. Combined with illustrations, the characters can fade into more the background, allowing the content to take center stage. A design language system allows Miro internal teams to create consistently across all brand assets from Miro boards to socks.

Challenging and supportive 

An online tool demands readable and functional typefaces that work well on different systems, resolutions, and devices. We found a perfect match in the 'Spoof' typeface, which provides illustrations and headers with loads of personality. The 'Formular' font comes into play for more practical applications. Long-reads and blog posts are set in the elegant 'Tiempos' typeface.

Elegant, simple and to the point. Making sure the user path is clear, every step on the way.

The Miro UI elements smoothed corners. Stark, clear typography doesn’t distract from functionality. By defining a design system we made sure the style and code will stay consistent and easy to (re)use throughout the entire website. As a result, the user experience is steady across every touchpoint.

Working from four places at once

The whole design process took place on Miro. In The Hague we built boards and discussed campaign designs while being in direct contact with Miro’s teams in San Francisco, Perm and Amsterdam. Working remotely and in design sprints helped us to overcome the physical boundaries and act fast. We stay involved in the further development of the brand, collaborating closely with the in-house design team of Miro.

Working from four places at once

Brand platform & Positioning User research Brand Identity Design Language System UX/UI Design Art Direction


Implementation & Development: Miro's in-house design team

Motion Design: Niels Gerson Lohman

We created a visual language and strategic brand platform for Miro. Since the rebranding it’s jumped from 2.5 million to 50 million users, and its clients include Netflix, Spotfiy and Cisco. Miro was awarded with multiple European Design Awards and reviewed on Under Consideration.