Goodays, Personal customer experiences, at scale

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Personal customer experience, at scale

Goodays is here to improve commerce for everyone. Their customer experience software allows enterprises like Dominos and Carrefour to deliver exceptional experiences before, during and after engaging with them. Their secret sauce? From c-suite to frontline, they bring the entire company together around a single goal: the customer. We built their identity on their new personality: charming, cheerful, clever.

Flipping the narrative

Founded in 2012, Goodays (formerly ‘Critzr’) was already heralded as market leader for customer experience management in Europe. Even though their world-class software solution is a huge success – making its mark in retail, fashion, and hospitality – their brand identity failed to match that success. Their brand wasn't ready for international expansion. Their former name ‘Critizr’ sounded too similar to ‘critique’ – an association to critical feedback that just won’t work for a company championing positive results. We flipped the narrative on its head and brought brightness to its name and identity. 

Good customer experience should be about making your day brighter. So, we introduced Goodays. The CX champion that brings back companies to what actually matters: their customers. Because feedback isn’t a problem to solve – it’s a window of opportunity to grow. 

Teddy bears, lost papers and red dresses

Let's be real. Customer service doesn’t need to be complicated. Besides, most customers just contact customer service to find the teddy bear their kid lost in the supermarkt, want to be called back by their mortgage advisor or want to know whether that red dress is back in stock. Adding layers complicates those issues. We positioned Goodays as the customer experience management platform making it easier to have those welcomed personal and human customer experiences at scale.

Goodays software engages everyone in the customer-obsession game, from business location teams to C-Suite, collaboration between headquarters and frontline is key to excellent CX. They provide client-facing teams with the tools to solve 80% of all issues on location, before they turn into headquarters bottlenecks. This in turn, delivers retention rates of up to 75%, way higher than industry standards.

Sparking real connections, engaging deeper and more frequent, while keeping things simple. All so businesses can focus on actioning the metrics that truly matter.

The Commerçant: Creating windows of opportunity

With an old identity that was only scratching the surface of turning feedback into fanmail and creating better days for everyone, Verve was challenged to take the brightness of their new name and positioning into their identity and visual design.

Enter the commerçant: the shopkeeper you come back to because they offer good service, good conversation and – just as importantly – good products.

Bringing together rounded and angular forms with bright, colorful and soft-toned colors, the revamped Goodays brand adds a touch of humanity to the impersonal world of customer satisfaction. Where these shapes overlap and merge, they create a window of opportunity that represents the moment(s) the customer and the business come together. The gradients are used to emulate the optimistic feeling of a good day. 

The extensive colour palette represents the different times of day (good) morning, afternoon, evening and night, whilst the added gradient variations are used to emulate the optimistic feeling and different parts of a great day like the sunrise, sunset or dawn. 

These elements came together to build an optimistic and powerful brand for Goodays: a brand that brings customers and businesses together, to connect, gain insights, rethink processes and place the customer at the heart of everything. Because that's how they make all of our days, Goodays.


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Digital Design


Naming in collaboration with Globrands

Goodays is here to improve commerce for everyone. Their customer experience software allows enterprises like Domino's and Carrefour to feel like a customer’s local corner store. Verve was challenged to take the brightness of their new name and positioning into their visual identity. The result? A touch of humanity and windows of opportunity that emerge when you manage to seamlessly bring social and commercial together.