One African payment solution for 180 currencies

Flutterwave, One African payment solution for 180 currencies

Brand Identity, Strategy

FinTech unicorn Flutterwave was founded on one audacious dream: to see entrepreneurs take the global stage.

One problem: Africans are separated from each other and the world - by dozens of unconnected banks, currencies and mobile wallets.

Flutterwave is ready to make a mark across the world. By building bridges between financial systems, Flutterwave is able to provide one easy-to-use payment platform for the entire continent. We’ve captured their spirit in a vibrant identity and digital component library that champions entrepreneurs and their dreams.

Challenging Fintech aesthetics

The Fintech scene is dominated by green and blue: too phlegmatic for Flutterwave. We see this even throughout the financial services sector. FinTech aesthetics are in stark contrast to the dreams of the African entrepreneur, which are bright, vivid and colorful.

We embraced their ideas and centered their new brand story around self-made success. This way, we positioned Flutterwave outside their category within the creator economy.

Championing entrepreneurial spirit

It isn’t the lack of great products, ideas or talent that’s holding back success. Most entrepreneurs are stifled by the most basic part of getting ahead in life: to pay and get paid. Flutterwave takes away that pain, and allows entrepreneurs to grow. 

To add some edge to the identity, we collaborated with illustrator Milena Bucholz. The illustrations navigate users throughout different stages of entrepreneurship. From selling services to happy customers, Bucholz illustrations lend a hand to tell an entrepreneur's story. 

Ready for Launch

Thanks to Flutterwave’s actions during the corona-crisis, their butterfly-logomark has become a mark of trust.

We’ve centered the modular identity system around the butterfly, lending its bright pattern colors and creating a motion system on actual wing-movement.

Ted Odalele - Flutterwave Head of Design

The biggest result is the clarity that the new identity brings to our people, customers and products. We have more ways to express who we are. I look forward to see how the world will interact with our brand.

All it takes is that first payment, and we’re on our way.


Brand Strategy - Brand Story - Brand Identity


Strategy by Anne Miltenburg

Illustrations by Milena Bucholz

Motion by Coen Rens

In close collaboration with Flutterwave’s inhouse team, we ensured that the brand strategy and identity moves fluently across assets. From credit cards to billboards, Flutterwave is ready to open the door to the global stage.