Creating a playful path to growth

Squla, Creating a playful path to growth

Brand Identity, Strategy

A personalised learning journey for 800.000 kids across Europe

Math, geography and history become fun, when you’re using Squla - Scoyo in Germany. Over 800.000 kids use the e-learning tool on a daily basis. Squla aims to empower every child to grow through personalised education. Yet, their identity wasn’t telling the complete story. We re-envisioned their brand strategy and created a brand identity system that reflects this mission. 

The evolution of Squla

As a data-driven scale-up, Squla is always optimising its user experience and making learning more fun. The e-learning platform is already a popular tool among kids aged 3 to 12. With a focus on empowerment and personalisation, Squla needed a brand refresh that merges product, mission, branding and community. We wanted to keep the distinctive brand assets and rework it into an identity that speaks to every child, parent or teacher in a personal way. Whilst making sure to keep the fun, incorporated in Squla's DNA, alive.

A brand identity system that grows with its users. 

Ever since 2010, Squla brightens up education for kids across Europe. In the years that followed, Squlas visual language became less consistent due to fast expansion. Together with Squla we went back to their core and revisualised their brand positioning. We focused on building an explorer brand. In the visual identity values like curiosity, adventure, playfulness, resourceful and courage should be tangible. 

The illustrations encourage parents, teachers, and kids to take a leap.

A clear set of ground rules, a primary color palette for courses and art direction for illustrations and photography, will help to strengthen the Squla story across assets. Scula’s Q mascot and other characters come back in a different role. Combined they encourage parents, teachers and the kids to take a leap in their educational journey.

Playful, yet intricate

A fun learning experience equals a playful identity. We created a set of brand guidelines Squla’s design team can use to grow their ever-expanding content base. Rounded-off pictures add a touch of friendliness. An endless icon library can be used to tell the story of the 70.000 quizzes and games. A primary color palette functions as a common thread towards a subject. New illustration guidelines provide a wink towards an artisanal approach but are clearly digital.

Pascal Teuling, Brand Design Squla

"Adjusting a renowned logo as Squla's is quite a big deal. Verve has succeeded to radically change the logo, but keep its brand essence."

E-learning equals real-life fun

Just like any other toy or tool, chances are your physical brand assets end up in a cabinet. For Squla, it’s therefore important to be present in many areas of a childs’ life. From backpacks to drinking bottles and from stickers to physical games, the brand identity needs to service all potential touchpoints, creating a real-life connection to its users. The result is a playful place of zen, brilliantly executed by the Squla team, especially Pascal Teuling (brand designer), Simon Buijs (art director) and Pieter van Est (web designer). 

Pascal Teuling, Brand Design

"We're beyond proud what we've achieved in a really short time span. It was a real collective effort, where we've challenged each other to achieve the best results."


Brand strategy & positioning Brand Identity Art Direction


Execution by Squla team, lead by Pascal Teuling (Brand Design)

Website: Pieter van Est

Illustrations by Bobby Pola (Simon Buijs)

Photography: Boomerang Agency

800.000 kids across Europe use the e-learning platform on a daily basis. Due to fast expansion Squla’s visual language became less consistent. A brand system of illustrations, primary colors and endless icons re-envision the story of over 70.000 quizzes and games and services users from all age groups. Whilst making sure to keep the fun in Squla’s DNA alive.