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Name your top 5 apps. Chances are that tech consultancy Clevertech is behind them all. Due to the sensitive nature of the tech world, Clevertech is always bound by non-disclosure agreements. It was our job to give them a story they could tell. 

Innovation with impact

Clevertech has been the driving force behind technical innovation in industries ranging from farms to Wall Street. Instead of seeing software solutions as a means to an end, it sees them as a way to create real-life impact, whether it’s disrupting an industry, strengthening the key product or scaling up fast.

Software solutions as a way to create real-life impact

From silence to a story  

As Clevertech works under strict non-disclosure agreements, they’re not able to share what they’ve done or the results their clients achieved. To find out what is known about them, we thoroughly researched Clevertech’s brand image by conducting qualitative interviews with members of the Clevertech team and their clients. What came to light is that the real-life impact Clevertech achieves, combined with their speed and quality, is the game-changer that raises them over the Big Five consultancy firms.

Validating the referral

As Clevertech is working behind-the-scenes, most people visit their website on the back of a referral. So it’s vital that the website validates the referral. If it doesn’t, both Clevertech and the person giving the referral come off badly. So we shifted the focus from case studies to showcasing the deal-clincher: the real-life impact at the heart of Clevertech’s success. 

Photography by Lars van de Brink and illustrations by Alec Tear

Tech at the speed of ideas

Every great entrepreneur has an unlimited stream of thoughts and ideas that Clevertech brings to life. The concept behind the Clevertech brand system blends the beauty of human thought with the power of logic and technology. Tech at the speed of ideas, with one tiny particle leading the visual way: the neuron.

Tech at the speed of ideas, with one tiny particle leading the visual way: the neuron.

On their own, neurons spark energy or set something in motion. Combined, they form thoughts, flowing in abstract compositions. The shapes in which they are formed visualize concrete ideas. In the same way that neurons are spread across the brain, the clevertech team is distributed across the globe. Together they collaborate as one unique brain: the cortex.

Ready for the future

All the visual elements combined to create a design language that can go from bold to refined, depending on what’s needed to visualize a message. This visual concept lays the foundation for a flexible brand system. The developers of Clevertech translated our system into reality. From merchandise to UX-system, Clevertech is ready to stay at the forefront of technology.


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Development: Clevertech

For this high-end tech consultancy firm our strategy focused on showcasing the impact they create for the clients. This drove the dynamic tone of voice, UX and digital design.