Caya, Redefining document management

Brand Identity, Strategy, Digital Design, UX/UI

Dog ears, folders and joyful delight. We tap into cliches to create a resonating SaaS brand for Caya. Life’s too short to spend it on paperwork. On the other hand, a proper document flow can be a time, money and life saver. Caya helps business owners eat paperwork for breakfast and slam dunk document management like a baller.

Creating office space, headspace and growth

Whether you’re the Marie Kondo of paperwork or just a regular Jane like us, doing admin properly is challenging. Until Caya that is. Berlin based Caya was in need of a living brand that reflected their magic problem-solving ability. They challenged us to uplift paperwork with a vibrant brand identity system and conversion-driven website. As seamless as their service and as emotive as their passion for workflow automation and paperless offices.

Alexander Schneekloth, Founder of Caya.

The product we built has no reason to hide. With the new positioning and visual identity, we became louder and are being seen for who we are.

Auto-magic workflows

Caya’s new brand identity needed to be instantly recognisable. It has to be able to speak through abundant landing pages as well as tiny UX-elements. We came up with timeless symbolism, living characters and vibrant auto-magic features. Together with UX research and digital design, Caya’s identity came to life on all assets. 

Alexander Schneekloth, Founder of Caya

What we call automagic is all about the outcome for users. It means less pain and distraction and more time, more mind space and more office space.

Under the hood, and in close collaboration with Cut the Code, we managed to realize the website using low-code. Developing high end solutions with low-code is not panacea for all things coding, but we do believe Gartner forecasts that by 2024, low-code adoption will be so widespread that 75% of software solutions built around the world will be solved with such tools. AI will play a big role in speeding up this development. We’re thrilled to step in on this no-code bandwagon.

Guiding the tour

We all remember the good old days when Clippy guided us around Microsoft Office. Cayans, permanent residents of the Caya universe, serve as tour guide every step of the journey. Cleaning documents has never been this simple. If you’re lucky, they might even entertain you.

Eveline Koppejan, Brand Strategist at Verve

If you want to compete with the big guys, you need to go big or go home. Caya gave us complete trust and creative freedom, and opted for the goofiest direction we came up with. Now, we’re proud parents of a population of ‘Cayans’ that will for sure shake up the document management industry!

One less click

Just like Caya, their identity is simple. The customer journey strives for one less click as Cayans lead you the way. We turned documenting paperwork into an energy gainer rather than an energy drainer.


Strategy & Concepting, Branding, Design system


Cut the Code

In a dark sea of dull B2B document management brands, Caya is the lightfish that guides users through their administration with exquisite UX and vibrant branding that communicates easy and fun. While Caya challenged Verve to make it happen, Verve challenged Caya to go all out and flaunt character.