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Making headlines with ANP

ANP is the largest independent press agency in the Netherlands, but what it does (and for whom) remained invisible for most. We were engaged to raise its national profile and position ANP as an interesting employer for young people. 

Facts first

For over 85 years, ANP has been the primary news source in the Netherlands. Dutch readers might recognize it as the source credited in tiny letters below newspaper photography. But what the organization stands for and how it operates remained unclear for the outside world. Now that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate facts from fake news, knowing how to access factually accurate news is more important than ever.

With a new slogan -  ‘Start with the facts’ - ANP urges anyone involved in news distribution to start from a factually accurate basis.

Photo: ANP
Photo: ANP

Making headlines

To combat fake news, you have to go to the source. ANP makes factual news accessible to any media brand and company. Essentially it’s the base that other media platforms build on.

With its new positioning as the source for fact-checked news in the Netherlands, ANP claims its position as a prominent force in the Dutch media landscape. As a leader in the production and distribution of factually accurate news, ANP urges anyone with a platform and voice to start with the facts.

Straight to the source 

In our visual identity for ANP, the source is represented by a point (or dot). All visual elements flow from this central starting point. The source underscores and points out the facts, making a point against fake news.

With a clearly defined tone-of-voice, Verve has streamlined all of ANP’s copywriting on the website and beyond. In a new headline policy, titles are always stated as facts. A brand new content strategy and newly developed content formats make it easy for ANP to showcase what it stands for across all channels.

The main story 

ANP offers a wide range of services, and a plethora of sub-labels had become confusing to navigate. To strengthen the overall brand, we restructured ANP’s services under a single brand strategy. With its commercial and journalistic activities united under one overarching story, ANP’s renewed brand strategy covers the organization from all angles.

Optimized for conversion

ANP’s website is fully targeted towards potential B2B clients. A variety of landing pages guides visitors towards the information relevant to their specific needs, in a user-friendly way. All of the website’s copywriting puts the visitor first, guiding them towards the right solution for them. ANP’s story shines through in all the website’s photography and bold quotes, but the focus is always on guiding the visitor towards conversion.


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Fotografie: ANP/Hollandse Hoogte

After defining ANP’s values, service proposition and ‘why’ of existence, we restructured all their services products into a single brand strategy: ‘Start with the facts’. This is the story that ANP now makes its own headlines with. 95% of the Dutch media are once again proud users of ANP.